Augusta GPAA Upcoming Events 2016

Meetings on 2nd Thursday of each month

Meetings at 7 PM at Dayspring Church, Next door to Harley Davidson store, I-20/ Belair Exit, Augusta, GA

    June meeting- Gravimetrics 101

    July meeting- Electronics Recovery

    Augusta meeting- Melting Gold

    September meeting- Trommel Operations

17 September- McCormick gold rush festival

7-9 October- Graves Mountain Open House

     October meeting- Panning Class

5    November- trough cleanout Heritage Gold Mine Park November meeting- Speed Panning Contest/ Yearly elections

      November meeting- Speed Panning Contest/ Yearly elections    

      December meeting- Christmas Party


  Commons are open to all members of the local chapter. 

Grave's Mountain is located just west of Lincolnton, on Highway 378.  Look for the sign for the Rock Swap on the left.  All individuals entering the site must sign liability waivers, including waivers for children.  Entrance is free, but gratuities are welcome for the caretaker ($5-$10 would be nice) and gratuities for the golf cart drivers are worth it, especially if you are carrying a lot of gear or rocks.  Take plenty of drinking water and clothing appropriate for sun and for walking on rocks.

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