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Newspaper Articles

Augusta newspaper article- Graves' Mtn Rutile  9/24/2005 Mineral collectors dig event

Augusta newspaper article- Graves' Mtn April 2010 open dig 

Augusta newspaper article-  3/3/2006 Graves' Mtn Augustan's discovery a true gem

Augusta newspaper article- 1/26/1997 Graves' Mtn Still Yields Treasure

Augusta newspaper article-3-30-2008 McDuffie County was rich in ore

Augusta newspaper article- 10-4-1998 Thurmond Lake area could be gold mine

Augusta newspaper article- 02-02-2002 Interview with Tim Conway



General Gold and Gems

Aiken Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Society

Basic Gold Info


Gemstone Healing Info


Emily Gems

Charms of Light


Prospecting Clubs and Sites

Crisson Gold Mine, panning, gemstones, Dahlonega, GA

 Consolidated Gold Mine, panning, gemstones, Dahlonega, GA

 Weekendgoldminers, near Dahlonega, family oriented prospecting club

 Lucky Strike Mine panning, at Vein Mtn, Marion, NC

Gold Prospectors Association of America, National GPAA

Canadian Prospectors Forum, very well run forum with very few dumb questions

 Bald Eagle Chapter GPAA, Stormstown, PA

Herkimer Diamonds- quartz crystals, found only in Herkimer, NY; pay-to-dig

Southern Prospectors Forum- contributors are mainly from North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia

Alabama Gold Camp- pay-to-prospect, northeast of Montgomery.  Looks like private mine converted to public.  Panning, sluicing, dredging, camping, cabins, store

Rocks, Gems, and Minerals- Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Gold Mines and Property for sale

The New 49's- with many videos (awesome) and articles by Dave McCracken


 DIY Project Plans (check out the Yukon sluice report, below, under MISCELLANOUS first if you are doing a sluice box) (a lot of these plans are duplicates of other plans listed)

Link to basic plans through ezine


Link to basic plans through Canadian Gold Prospectors Forum-  very extensive list of projects but there are some restrictions for downloads

Suction jet in PVC- (Otto built this, with a few modifications, for use with his 1.5 HP Honda pump

Gould Engineering-Advanced Gold Recovery Systems, discussions of engineering topics such as suction nozzle design, such nozzles vs log design, venturi design, venturi performance interesting website, with homemade equipment and plans available for sale, very little free stuff.  Sluice boxes, suction pipes, foldable sluices, Blue Bowl clones, etc.



Prospecting Supplies

Keene Engineering, dredges, highbankers, supplies

 Proline, dredges, highbankers, supplies

 Legend Mining, supplies

 Gold Fever Prospecting, supplies

 Lifestyle, supplies

 Felix Paydirt, concentrates

 Miller's Coins & Currency, Savannah

 Nevada Outback Gems enough interesting links to keep you busy for weeks!!

The Gold Hunter-  field leach and gold test kit

Black Cat Mining Supplies-  general supplies, looks like the site might be stale

Gold-N-Sand- prebuilt PVC pipe sucker pumps, or kits with essential parts

Hydro-Force dry land dredging nozzle, supposedly not covered by California's dredging ban as long as it is used on dry land

Angus Mackirk- molded sluice boxes, dredges, highbankers, etc.  Looks like some interesting designs

Fab Specialists- custom fabrication of prospecting equipment. Parts for Chinese pumps and motors, ie Harbor Freight. Yuma, AZ family run business -paydirt from a friend of mine: you get your money's worth


History Sites

Dahlonega mint history

 Historic Reed Mine in NC- free admission, tours, history, Teacher's Guide

 The Evolution of Mining

Colorado Mine Tours and misc info

Archeology report on Sumter National Forest including gold sites, Revolutionary War, Civil War, maps, etc (very good record)

South Carolina mining activities- from Digital Rockhounding

Bodie California- historic California State Park (really interesting virtual tour of the remaining features of the town)

Mining Artifacts and History-  mostly copper mine artifacts.  Fascinating collection of photographs Colorado mine remnants

Villa Rica, Georgia- Park and Gold Museum

The Mining and Metallurgy of Gold and Silver (1867)- digitized book by Google, an incredible handbook of gold and silver knowledge including prospecting, recovery, assaying, purification, etc.

History of the Georgia Federal Road- part of the Trail of Tears, used as trails for Union and Confederate soldiers, roads for gold prospectors

Gold Hill Mines Historic Park- Gold Hill, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte, partner site with Reed Mine

California Gold Rush articles- very good link, can be used as a classroom study guide, thanks to Christina Nill's class

North Carolina Gold Rush- digital history program, VERY good website, very enlightening, very informative



y 'Ore Placer Mine

  Prospector's Paradise- very good general info, including the Basement Chemistry series by A.K. Williams

 Making nuggets from scrap

 Large Scale Gold Refining by the Aqua Regia Method

 Melting Gold and Jewelry Scrap

The New 49's-  videos and how-to articles by Dave McCracken

Goldco-Mining- micro melting torch/furnace for smelting or for pouring gold

Iodine Leaching- new website




 Minerals information

 Gold maps, info on Georgia sites

Gold maps info on South Carolina sites

 Gold maps, home page

 McMaster-Carr, difficult-to-find hardware supplies, excellent catalog that guides you through the options, including details and engineering specifics to help you get exactly what you want.  They consolidate         shipments to minimize shipping costs.  Extremely prompt.

 Build a hand dredge- You Tube

South Carolina activities- recreational, historical, attractions, vacationing, etc

Make your own gold bars- melting furnaces, crucibles, ingot molds, fluxes, etc



Barite Hill- minimal geologic info about Barite Hill mine (1990-1994)

Geochemical Atlas for South Carolina- mineral distribution by counties (click on figs 1-5 then select GOLD, or whatever mineral you want info for)

South Carolina general info, including modern maps, historic maps, highway, rivers, etc

Geologic maps and DNR maps for South Carolina- some are free, but most are for sale


Mine Location- not very detailed and minimal info, but interesting



GIS (Geospacial Information Systems) property maps, topos, etc

Georgia Counties2

South Carolina Counties1

North Carolina Counties


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